Made largely from cob and stone and located in a prominent situation on the Shebbear village square in Devon, Tyrella House is now a private residence and is currently undergoing renovation.

Over the years as a retail outlet, the building has undergone many changes.
The current owners are in the middle of a 'leisurely' project to replace modern materials with appropriate lime plasters etc. If you would like to know more about the work please E-mail

Shop to lounge
Kitchen renovation
Built circa late 17c in the square of the Devon Village of Shebbear, Tyrella House one time grocers, dentist, butchers etc.

The kitchen had been modernised in 1970. It had gypsum plaster over cement and Artex applied to the walls with a shiny vinyl silk emulsion over the top.

Plaster was being forced from the wall at ground level by the rising moisture and the sealed walls also created the perfect situation for condensation and mould growth. This was particularly prevalent behind the wall units

The modern materials needed to be removed and traditional and breathable products applied. Since this work was completed all the problems caused by the build up of moisture has been eradicated.

A brief outline of what work was carried out and the materials used is set out below.

Please note that none of the building work has, or will impact on the quiet enjoyment of your stay in Shebbear. We are very careful to ensure any work is carried out is either quiet or when we have no guests.

The 1970's kitchen units and appliances were taken out.

The Artex was carefully removed with Professional Artex remover in case it contained asbestos.

The cement and gypsum plaster was hacked off to allow the cob and stone walls to breathe.


Tyrella House before

A pantry was created at one end.

Hand made reclaimed bricks are laid in lime putty mortar mixed at 3 parts sand to 1 part lime putty.

The tiles backing the range cooker do not go all the way to the floor. This allows moisture to escape from the wall.

The walls have been scat with a slurry mix of 3/1 lime putty mortar, float coat of 3/1 haired mortar with lime putty plaster 2/1 mix and sponge finished.

The walls were painted with 3 x coats of 'Devon Cream' limewash using a paint pad.

Tyrella House

The ceiling is modern plasterboard that has been skimmed with a 3/2 mix of lime putty plaster on to of a special primer. The paint is a natural breathable, natural emulsion. This helps to tie the plaster in with the texture of the walls and makes the surface breathable and therefore less prone to condensation.

Non fitted units and open shelves are used to allow the free flow of air to the walls. This further aids evaporation of moisture from this traditionally built house.

The brickwork around the range cooker can lead to problems with dust in food and stains on the bricks, this has been overcome by applying 2 x dilute coats of a silicate stabilising solution leaving a wipable, dust free surface that looks totally natural and is fully breathable.

Tyrella House